Meditation Sessions

The meditation sessions offer a basic meditation technique to experience mindful meditation. You will undergo a basic meditation session such as a body scan. You will experience being in the now and here, with your body. It also gives you the opportunity to experience the benefit of practicing in a group.
During the meeting we will be doing different practices. Besides a sitting meditation, a meeting often contains a more physically oriented meditation (body scan, yoga or walking meditation).

For who are these meditation meetings, for everyone:

  • who is interested in mindfulness
  • who wants to experience a mediation session
  • who wants to relax, who wants to experience being in the now, who wants to be less stressed

Also people with mediation experience are welcome here to deepen their practice

Nieuwe sessies starten in september


adres: Zuiderpark 24 – 5251 WC Vlijmen


€10 per sessie van 1,5 uur


Registration for next class will be appreciated, walk-ins welcome.

Upcoming sessions will be posted on Facebook.

I am happy to answer any questions by email or the contact form below.